Fundamental Values

 1.      Fundamental Values

  • Honesty
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Autonomy

2.   Operational Values

  • Transparency: The organization’s internal management shall be transparent to all staff and FITRA’s regional network members.  As a public institution it will conduct all its external activities on the basis of adequate publicized information and the provision of the greatest possible public access to information in accordance with FITRA’s Constitution and the provisions of law;
  • Accountability: Every activity must be justifiable in terms of input, output and outcomes to FITRA’s internal management, its national board, its members, donor organizations and the general public, taking into account provisions of FITRA’s Strategic Plan, its Standard Operating Procedures, the provisions of law, and moral principles.  No leniency will be shown to any member of FITRA’s staff or FITRA member found guilty of corruption;
  • Participation: Important decision making shall be open to involvement of the organization’s  various internal units and other groups;
  • Autonomy: The organization’s activities and decision making shall be carried out independently;
  • Equality: Equal treatment shall be extended to each and every person;
  • Non-violence: FITRA shall not practise/use violence and shall not tolerate violence, be it physical or psychological;
  • Professionalism: FITRA shall act responsibly in carrying out its tasks and functions, shall be competent in its field, and shall be dependable;
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: The organization shall be economical in its use of resources while producing the best possible outputs.  It shall use available resources to produce carefully targeted outcomes of most benefit to the organization and the well-being of the general public;
  • Voluntary Effort: Total commitment to do more than what is expected to achieve shared aims.