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Illustrating what might be done by government
It is incumbent on all levels of government in Indonesia to increase the transparency of their budgets. Having greater transparency is vital to supporting citizen engagement in the year-to-year work of organising budgets for the public good. This site provides a demonstration of just one of the many useful ways by which transparency of budget-related data can be increased. Our hope is that, in time, that public sector agencies irrespective, of their area of responsibility, will be displaying such maps on their respective websites and that they will eventually all be accessible from a common portal such as the “open government portal” that the Indonesian Government is now developing.

In the interim
However, until the aforementioned government produced facilities become well established we hope to further develop this resource. Our plans include:
1. including maps for Provincial Governments in Indonesia
2. updating the maps with more contemporary data as it becomes available, and
3. extending the number of indicators from those currently shown.
In the short term future we hope to add several indicators to do with sector specific expenditures (e.g. per capita expenditures on education and health).