DPR Allocates Rp 539 billion for Recess Entitlements of Members


DPR Allocates Rp 539 Billion for Recess Entitlements of DPR Member

Members of Indonesia’s House of Representatives (DPR for short) are set to enjoy budgetary entitlements totaling Rp 539 billion during fiscal year (Jan-Dec) 2012.  The bulk of the money will be made available for various categories of travel within members’ constituencies: firstly, 6 working visits per annum provided for in DPR standing orders (costing Rp 102 billion); second, working visits during the DPR’s four recesses in 2012 (costing Rp 357 billion); and, third, one individual visit per year by each member (at a total cost of Rp 22 billion).  In addition, DPR members will be allocated a total of Rp 57 billion as so called “aspiration funds”—money to be divided up among members for expenditure in their constituencies to meet local community aspirations.  The following table summarizes the funding breakdown.



Budget Allocation Number of Members Total Amount to be Paid to all Members Frequency of Visits Amount  Receivable by Each Member


Funds to meet community aspirations

57 162 000 000


     102 075 000


Working visits provided for in DPR standing orders (6 per annum)

102 158 670 000


           182 426 196


                      30 404 366


Working visits during DPR recesses (4 per annum)

357 619 680 000


            638 606 571


                   159 651 643


Individual member working visits  (1 per year)

22 540 695 000


              40 251 241


                      40 251 241


539 481 045 000

            963 359 009

Source: Presidential Decision No 32/2011 concerning details of central government expenditure in fiscal year 2012, processed by Seknas FITRA

On the basis of the above information, Seknas FITRA asks that budget allocations for DPR recesses in 2012 be reduced.  FITRA hopes that such funding will be one of the allocations that are pared back to a minimum in the mid-year revised State budget.  FITRA regards these allocations as extravagant and wasteful, given that thus far many activities of DPR members during parliamentary recesses have been ceremonial in nature, boring for constituents and of no benefit to anybody.  This is a truly worrying situation.

Jakarta, 10 April 2012

Uchok Sky Khadafi

Coordinator of Investigations and Advocacy

Seknas FITRA


Mobile No: +62 (0)8121000774


Subject DPR Allocates Rp 539 billion for Recess Entitlements of Members
Author Uchok Sky Khadafi
Publisher SEKNAS FITRA, Jakarta
Publish year 2012

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