MDG’s Budget Evaluation

Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) considered as an inclusive approach in

fulfilling human rights, its consist of eight Millennium developments namely

1) Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger;

2) Achieve Universal Primary Education;

3) Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women) Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and

Other Diseases;

4) Reduce Child Mortality;

6) Improve Maternal Health;

7) Ensure Environmental Sustainability; and

8) Develop a Global Partnership for Development.

Next, these 8 goals described in 18 targets and 52 related indicator which is to be implemented for 25 years within 1990 and 2015. The leading government program policy for five years required to be evaluated for its implementation, whether on allocation or achievement of MDGs target. It is expected that through evaluation, the progress of the MDGs program would be visible, so that it would support stimulus for the government to be more concrete and focus in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. Considering of the public stance in their expectation of the government’s global commitment and their

anxiety of the economical-politic reality whereas ex-MDGs Budget Evaluation


Subject MDG’s Budget Evaluation
Publisher SEKNAS FITRA, Jakarta
Publish year 2010
Supported by Kemitraan (Partnership)

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