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The AustraliaIndonesia Partnership for ProPoor Policy – The Knowledge Sector Initiative

Introduction to the Review

The Australia‐Indonesia Partnership for Pro‐Poor Policy – The Knowledge Sector Initiative is a new 15‐year program aimed at increasing the quality of public policy through strengthening research organizations and policy makers, as well as creating an enabling environment for evidence‐based policy making. The first phase of the program will start in 2013 and have five focus areas, which include, but are not limited to: Education, Health, Poverty Reduction and Social Protection, Environment and Climate Change, and Economic Governance.

To contribute to the design of the program, since July 2010 the Asia Foundation has managed a collaborative learning program with AusAID entitled Enhancing Knowledge of the Knowledge Sector. The program provided funding to policy research organizations, and sought to increase understanding of what type of capacity building interventions are most effective to improve their capacity for research and their organizational effectiveness. In January 2012, additional funding and technical support was provided to seven of the eight pilot partners through November 2012. During this “bridging period,” partners were supported to engage undertake a 5‐10 year strategic planning process that is informed by
an understanding of the longevity and scale of the new AusAID assistance. Planning was closely supervised and intensely supported by Foundation and AusAID staff. As the strategic planning was completed, TAF engaged external reviewers to provide recommendations to AusAID on which pilot partners are eligible for graduation to the 5‐year support. The review panel plays a role in a broader assessment process, which also includes evaluations from both The Asia Foundation, as well as AusAID themselves. The intention of the independent review panel is to bring together an objective, outside voice in reviewing the organizations and offering their opinion as to their suitability for continued support to become think‐tank organizations.

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